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Now is the Time!

“There is an appointed time for everything. And there is a time for every event under heaven.” - Ecclesiastes 3:1


Dear Church Family:

I pray this letter finds you and your family blessed.

I wish I could visit each one of you personally, but that is just not possible. As you know God is blessing Cypress Baptist Church in so many wonderful ways. We are seeing our numbers grow higher than we have ever seen before. We are seeing so many people being baptized, and we have seen a record number of people go into the mission field the last two years. God is truly blessing us, and it is important we give Him all the praise and glory for what He is doing.

With all the blessings happening in this church, and with all the growth we see coming to our area, it is important we stay proactive. As you know, we are out of room in the Sanctuary and we are in need of more education space. We also need to connect our buildings and have a large area where we can gather for fellowship meals. The greatest need we have is to make sure we are ready for the future, and the future growth heading our way. By building a Sanctuary first, we connect our buildings, gain more education space, get a fellowship area that will seat us, and we will also position ourselves for future growth. We will have to build a new sanctuary eventually, and by putting it first we now will be in a position to minister to this area for years to come.


Cypress Baptist Major Events and Building Projects

March 1999

Completed 25,840 square feet Worship Center, providing worship space for approximately 1000, with a choir rehearsal  room and adult education space.

July 1993

Completed the 15,820 square feet Billy Joe Pierce Educational Building.

January 1986

The Family Life Center was completed consisting of 23,600 square feet of multi-use space.

March 1981

First phase of the Day Care building was completed.

July 1979

First worship service in the first sanctuary

January 1978

Land purchased to secure a permanent home for the church.

November 1977

Cypress Baptist Church Charter registered with the State of Louisiana (115 members.)

September  1977

A group  of families met to discuss forming a new church